Sunday, August 13, 2006

EDM layout

My most recent layout for the EDM comp. (Sorry for the crappy pic, took it just then and was trying not to have issues with the flash.) Not sure if I like it or not yet but I tell you the circles took me forever to do. (Probably why I can't make up my mind.) I had RSI in my wrist and pulled stomach muscles for a couple of days... LOL, what we do for art!

I am hoping to blog while I am away. In New York, we are staying in a serviced apartment kind of thing and then in Boston we are staying at the Seaport Hotel were CKU is being held. Fiona is taking her laptop if we are allowed normal hand luggage on the plane. Be ringing Qantas Tuesday night for that answer.

Spent the day shopping with my sister and the kids (thanks Didi!) as the kids were a handful. Well, at least 1 always was and it was quite exhausting. Brought a few more things I need to take with me and then a treat for the kids. More little Bob the Builder toys. Josh had 3 mini ones and would crack it each time Nikki would touch them. Fixed that now, the each got one today. Drew missed out! Don't think he even noticed, LOL. Back to Dee's place for lunch and then I stopped into a scrapbook store near her place. Not bad, but missing many of my fav ranges. What good is that?

Off to work on my iron on layout for EDM. Myabe I'll be happier with that, but then again, who knows!


P.S. You should have seen Krispy Kreme today, it was packed the line was out the door again and the drive thru had heaps of cars. What was it, the weather that made everyone want donuts?

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