Saturday, August 12, 2006

4 more days

4 more days till I leave.. Woo hoo... Except for the bit about maybe not being able to take hand luggage. Fancy making scrapbookers going to CKU to maybe have to store their cameras in their suitcases.... Grrr, there goes out idea for the mini album of Thelma and Louise style shots at the airport, Fi!

Slowly getting packed. The pool table is a mess with clothes, scrapping supplies, my EDM stuff (just finished my first snap shots layout tonight), my rolodex stuff, my unfinished travel journal, and some of Nat's rocket stuff. I keep adding to my clothes pile, which is really not a good thing! LOL, I have the suitcases out beside the pool table but can't pack them yet until I work out exactly what I need to take and pack after I have rang Qantas on Tuesday.

We leave at 10.30am on Wednesday but it looks like we are going to have to be at the airport at 6.30ish or something crazy... I hope I can sleep Tuesday night. I will be full of excitment and also won't have the kids waking me up as I am staying at my mum's place.

Spent the day doing domestic duties. Vaccumed (sp.) because the kids got into the laundry powder and spread it all over the laundry grrrr) and then I swept and Josh walked his muddy boots in (more grrrr) then I vaccummed my car and moved the car seats around so Drew is in the middle (hopefully it will stop Nikki and Josh niggaling each other) and whilst the car seats were out Nikki put her dusty feet on the clean seats (even more grrrr....) and then of course they all made more mess as usual especially with the rice from dinner. Nikki loves the rice, but isn't so great at getting it "all" into her mouth!

Just thought I'd end this with how Josh was calling me just before (for 10 minutes! I was on the phone to Nat!) He was supposed to be in bed and he was told that if he got out of bed, I'd shut the door and he'd get a smack. He was calling "mummmeeeeee!" in a real tired voice for ages (10 minutes) so I went in and saw him and he had strapped himself into the pram in his and Drew's room and couldn't get out! LOL, pretty funny and of course as soon as I unstrapped him and carried him to his bed, he was out like and light and now more calling "mummmeeeeee" LOL, I was still chuckling about it when I called Nat!


P.S. How cute is this, Josh spoke to Nat on the phone before and said 'Hi dad, it's me!" LOL, he must have heard me speaking to my mum because that is what I say when I get the answering machine!

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Sarah said...

Wow time flies Ros. How exciting for you not long to go now..... Are you goign to be updating your blog at all?? I suppose it will depend if the hotel has internet access. Have fun with all the scrapbook shopping... SOOO jealous LOL