Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just a quick one

Just a quick post fitting in around a million things I am trying to do. Got to take Drew to the health centre in an half an hour, then off to work, home to cook dinner, take Josh and go to mum's to print out some photos (my printer is being dumb) then home to bed... Ahhh... Plus I am struggling to find some photos I need for my Becky Higgins snapshot of me mini class. I took some this morning, but a recent family photo? Are you kidding? The 5 of us, in one place, still with someone else taking a photo? A rare thing to happen. Last one I took before we left for QLD (in April) and the one before it was taken at Christmas at my Oma's.... This is so why I booked a photo shoot with Katie Toland. She takes the most amazing natural photos.

Gotta go and wake up Nat to watch the kids so I can go with Drew.


Sarah said...

hello Ros,

I am hope you have everything sorted out now! have a great weekend

Have fun with your photo shoot. Katie is unreal. I will have to show you all of my pics. They are ACE!!!!


Will said...

I can't wait to see your Photo Shoot!!! I've been thinking about doing something like that when the weather warms up . . . Maybe I should check out Katie's Blog!!

How many days to go??