Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My cheeky helper. Drew thought he was so good, getting his own wipes out, just because he good. In 2 days he has almost emptied a packet on his own. The second time there weren't even left on the floor, he grabbed them off the rocking chair! Cheeky money he is.

It seems like I have days full of errands mixed in with work. I spent Monday running getting the software updated on my camera, photocopying layouts for CKU, dropping of my DT project at Paper Doll (if you want to see it, drop in. I didn't have a chance to take a photo of it as my camera needed to be empty.), taking Nikki to the doctors (a double ear infection again!) and then coming home to cook dinner! Ahhhh...

I wasn't running errands today but I was at work for 6 hours. The kids were delightful (NOT) before I left for work so I was rushing around doing things madly before I left for work. Tomorrow is going to be spent doing more errands (and hopefully some scrapping or travel journal making) ohhh and watching the dvd Nat hired me too (I hope).

Oh yeah, and to the person who left a comment re my MIL post, if you share a different opinion, go right ahead, I am happy to hear it but please have the courage to post your name and not make it an annonymous post.



Katie Toland said...

OMG! I had to go look at that comment and I can't believe it! Every family has different dynamics, and even the most loving and close knit families still get on each others nerves from time to time... how RUDE of Ms/Mr Anonomous to pop their head in and give such strong opinions on something they know nothing about. It is after all YOUR blog.

-she says in her 'strongest opinion' and flicks her hair over her shoulder as she stomps off ;) Realising she's just put herself out there for a visit from Mr/Mrs Anonomous herself. Yikes... OK it's late and I'm going crazy LOL xxK

Sarah said...

OHH Dear me!!!! I just read the comment myself. I wonder if you actually know this person. Seems a bit strange i say!!.

Good luck with your week and i hope Nikki gets better soon..