Friday, September 29, 2006

And another one bites the dust

Stocktake that is. I hate it so much and am glad when it is all over... well the counting part anyway, I still have all the figures to do next week.

I guess the reason I hate it so much is I have all the hardware to count, every single screw, washer, bolt etc. It would help if my brother took 10 or so items out of the box sometimes and wrote on it instead of putting all 100 bolts into the display case!

The other thing that pisses me off about it is I have done a stocktake every quarter except one since starting at work in November 2001! Including the ones when I was heavily pregnant Josh and Nikki. When they were born in July and October, that is seriously pregnant, on crutches and in huge amounts of pain and all. The only stocktake I didn't do was the one just before Drew was born and my brother never finished my section.... Figures...

Vent and whinge over,

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