Thursday, September 28, 2006

Catch up post

Drove to my brother's new place in Heyfield on Saturday with the kids to pick up Nat (who stayed the night) and I had to stop every 15 minutes. No kidding, someone had always dropped/lost something and the crying and whining got so loud that I couldn't hear the music! Busy day driving up and back to Heyfield in the one day (Nat had to work Saturday night) but the kids loved having somewhere new to play with.

Had my family over for dinner on Sunday night for my dad's birthday. Spent all day cooking and cleaning. So not fun! Missed out on Australian Idol!

Can't even remember what we did Monday! Terrible memory! Probably spent the day vegging after being so busy all weekend. All I remember about Monday is that I had a terrible night with Nikki and Drew (Nat was working) and called Nat up all hysterical. Managed to get little sleep and very grumpy the following day.

Worked on Tuesday and then went to Nat's mum's place for dinner. Nat was supposed to be cooking so he rang his mum up and invited us over for dinner. So not what I meant by me not having to cook and clean!

Spent yesterday running errands, working for a touch and went to the doctor with Nat to discuss a vasectomy (sp.)

Fitted in 2 EDM layouts (nearly finished the 2nd one and just need some ribbon for the first one) and am only the celebrations theme behind now. Well, that is till I get my new FK. Damm newsagency has it already and the postie has already been today with no mail for me! Grrr...



Sarah said...

So how did the vasectomy discussion go????
i am glad to hera that you are scrappin.. Whoo hoo!!

and yes kids in the car are set to try us. our kids are getting portable DVD players for christmas, for this reason...

Wendy said...

What is it with FK this month? I haven't got mine yet either! Grrr

You are as up to date with your EDM as me :D