Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So long has passed since my last post but not a lot to write about. With Fiona being home we have spent a lot of time with her (she baby sat the kids Wednesday night last week so Nat and I could have dinner alone.) Stayed the night, then we went scrapbook shopping on Thursday (I took her to see Paper2). Should have stayed home... The kids were over the play area and I was holding Josh and Nikki's hands while waiting to pay. The both broke free and ran to the front door and ran out. I was behind them like a bull at a gate and the sensor on the door didn't see me coming and starting shutting on my arm. So not happy. In a fair amount of pain, dragging children inside to pay, off to the car and then home again. I went to the doctors and was told to rest my arm and not use it for at least 24 hours as it was badly bruised (still is).

Off to work on Friday (first day back) with arm in sling. Good look. Managed to get through an enormous amount of work considering.

Fiona took Drew to her mum's Friday night (after staying Thursday to help me) and then the grandparents took all the grandchildren to the zoo on Saturday. I would have gone only the bloody heater broke down and I had to stay home and wait for the repair man (so glad it is fixed now as it is really freezing!) Nearly $600 and I have a heater that works... On top of the $400 it cost to have Nat's car fixed on Friday it was an expensive 2 days.

Father's Day was a busy one with me in the kitchen most of the morning cooking for lunch at my dad's and then we had Nat's family back here for afternoon tea. Rush rush rush... Nat had a good day and loved the extra present we brought him (he always buys his own present, a membership to a rocket association in the States.)

Monday we watched tv and vegged with Fiona coming over for dinner again. Tuesday I was back at work again but was quite late as I was procrasting and didn't want to go.

Brings me to today, rush rush getting the kids out the door to childcare this morning. Struggles with Josh to get dressed out of pj's and into 'real' clothes... Went grocery shopping straight away from childcare and vegged some more after all the hard work. Need to get some scrapping done today as Nat is working all weekend and I won't have a chance if the weather is crappy like today.

Off to run more errands.

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