Sunday, September 10, 2006

House of crying

Welcome to my house of crying! Drew is extreamly upset and nothing I can do will console him. He won't sleep, suck on his dummy or drink his milk. He just doesn't want to settle at all. Plus he keeps me up every night from midnight till 2am at the very least! I know his is teething and all I can say is it better be more than one tooth!

Nikki has decided she will not go to the toilet at all. She has regressed totally and I have no idea why. Frustrating really.

Josh is being Josh, a polite and helpful 3 year old at one minute and a cheeky, naughty 3 year old boy the next minute.

To top this off, Nat is at work all weekend (just great I tell you) so we are all happy little campers in my house. NOT.

Off to try and calm Drew down some more... I needed a mummy sanity break.


Sarah said...

Let me know if you need some help Ros. I am home today give me a call, or email me.....


Claire said...

Thinking of you Ros, that teething really sucks. Hope someone can give you a brether for a while and that he's all happy again soon :)

Kerri said...

Hun, I'm so sorry you are having such a tough time. If I could help you in any way I would :)