Monday, September 11, 2006

While the boss is away...

Blogging at work today, while the boss is away, the new boss will do as she wishes (well sorta) and blog if she choses too!

Drewie slept through last night until 4.45 this morning (partly because we gave him a teething exlair with a sedative it in). He is still very cranky today with at least 4 teeth so close to breaking the skin it is unbelievable (almost!)

As soon as Nat got home from work last night, I hid in our bedroom and watched tv letting him deal with the kids. Dinner was cooked (I had eaten but the kids were being difficult) so I let him deal with it all... Aside from feeding them he did nothing else other than putting them into the pj's (and Drew was already in his!)

Nat did comment if he had to off put up with Drew all day yesterday he would have gone mental! Score 1 for me, with DH admitting it can be hard being at home with the kids!

All the kids are at home with my mum today (poor nanna) as they are all tried and cranking. Might have something to do with Josh waking up the latest ofthe 3 of them at 5.50am! Oh well, at least it is a sunny day outside from them to play.

Mum brought an Ikea catalogue over for me to look at, just what I need since I am trying to squeeze in my trip to Ikea for my birthday present (only a little late). This way I can plan everything I need before I even get there (trying to be organised and not spend too much).

Best go and do a little bit of work before reading the Ikea catalogue *smirk*



Will said...

Ohhhh I do love an ikea catalouge!!! Happy flipping!

Kerri said...

Hey did you find anything in the catalouge that you liked?