Sunday, September 17, 2006

Update... of Drew and sick Ros.

Just a quickish update, I'm not 100% well. I have the damm flu! Who gets that in spring anyway for christ sakes? Me, obviously. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me without having to rest in bed during the day but I am not so sure. The kids have group photos at childcare tomorrow and since Monday isn't their regular day, I have to stay there with them whilst the photos are being taken (individual ones will be taken on Wednesday or Friday). Not looking forward to the 1.5 hour time frame they have selected! Yuck!

Just some pictures of Drew below taken today and yesterday. The one outside was taken yesterday while Drew was helping Daddy with the micro sprays for the garden sprinklers. Well, what garden (as all you can see is dirt in the picture) is a better choice of words. We now have lights in the garden as well (and they work and have just been turned on I have been informed. Better head out and have a looksie soon.)

Daddy's little helper and showing Mummy and the camera what the micro sprays look like!

How Drew spends a fair portion of the day getting around the house. Pushing anything along whilst walking. Can be a box, toy, chair (mostly a toy though.) Today, it was Joshie's toy quad bike!

*Newsflash... my little man took his first step unaided last night!*

Drew's eye as a reult of Josh throwing a toy in the lounge room. Not happy Mummy or Daddy (or Drew) since there is photos tomorrow for childcare.

Close up of Drew's eye.... Lucky it didn't get him any closer to the eye! I dread to have thought what would of happened!

Very quick post from me. Can't even remember when I posted last, probably Wednesday. Thursday went shopping for the kids birthday presents, finished Nikki's and just about finished Drew's. Went downhill in the evening and work up talking delious (sp.) talk to Nat at 10pm! All hot and cold and cranky.

Friday aside from crawling out of bed for the childcare run (Nat was working dayshift) and to enrol Josh at 3 year old kinder, I spent the day in bed misrable.

Saturday, spent most of it in bed again with brief breaks outside to sit in the sun.

Sunday, rested as much as possible with Nat not at home part of the day, struggled but got one layout done for DT (due tomorrow) and had a nice dinner of fresh fish, chips and salad. Be having that again as all the kids loved the fresh fish!




Sarah said...

OMG!!!!!!! Poor Drew!! That looks very very sore, poor little man....

I hope you are feeling a bit better tonight.. Rest up and drink lots of water....

Oh and the flu is raging i am again fighting it off......(bugger)

Take Care

Fiona said...

Hope you are feeling better today Ros.

Hugs and raspberries for all the rugrats