Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Feeling a little better, still quite tired and getting dizzy, also have small chest pains now and then... Will stop now since the more I go on, the bigger a list of symptons can only get!

Enjoying my child free day, spent this morning grocery shopping, doing the washing etc., on teh phone to my friend Kerri in Canada *Ros waves hi Kerri*, doing some work for work (yuck!) and now I am vegging before having to get started on cooking dinner.

Nat is on nightshift tonight and every other day he works (so I was informed last night.) When he last asked he was told nothing was decided re to start the permanent shifts and discussion was required! That was it! Last night he was TOLD. I was a little disappointed as it now means he is working the night I had planned for Nikki and Drew's birthday dinner (I think another work mate is going to switch shifts so we don't have to alter the plans) and it now means he is supposed to be sleeping when I have our photo shoot with Katie Toland scheduled. Gotta speak to Katie about that one! LOL and ask who would she prefer to be grumpy, Natty or the kiddies? *Laughing* sometimes, I am not sure who I would prefer!



Wendy said...

Hi Ros,
Glad to read you're starting to feel better.
It must be so frustrating with Nat's shifts being switched around so often! Grrr

Sarah said...

So did i read right, Nat is now on permanent nights????

Oh no, not good.... That is so hard wiht a young family...

i hope you are feeling a bit better, take it easy.....


Wilisa said...

Oh Ros, that sucks hun. Fingers crossed that maybe Nat can work something out.

Glad to hear your feeling better and those photos of Drew below are Fantastic!! He is just too cute!