Monday, October 23, 2006

Bucks/Hens and pics to share

Been a busy week around here as usual. My brother’s and sister-in-laws joint bucks and hens on Saturday night (just gone) so with Nat being the best man we spent a lot of the week organising things for Saturday. All up, the bridal couple to be had a great day/night so that was all the matter. Paintball/spa and bbq dinner with drinks (and lots of them) and even strippers was how the night went. I got some awesome photos especially of my SIL’s face when the stripper came out.

Pics of the boys all suited up at paintball. Warren had to wear a huge targer vest that said "The Buck" on it. Not that it helped too much as there was 70 people on the course and it was on in terms of shooting!

Amanda and the stripper. I am unsure if she was horrorifed (sp.) at this paint or laughing. I really can't remember!

Amanda... tasting some chocolate. Took a few others with her smiling with the chocolate member only this one looked a little funnier. She was glad that her friend (Jo) who brought the chocolate didn't join the 2 halves together and fill them with cream like they did for Jo's hens night.

I obviously did far too much at the bucks/hens as I came home at 10.30pm in serious pain and totally annoyed at Nat. He had lost my car keys and was so drunk you couldn’t even talk to him… I was worried I was going to miscarry and lose the baby and Nat had no clue what I was talking about when I was telling him and asking where he left my car keys. Obviously my body was telling me to take it easy and rest. I spent most of Sunday doing little as I was so tired for the events on Saturday and am trying not to pick the kids up if Nat is home. I find bending over and lifting the kids is causing me a lot of pain as well… Not a good start when I am not even 14 weeks yet. Crutches here I come sooner rather than later.

My sister straightened my hair for me on Saturday and it left my pull down fringe bits all dry and frizzy. So bad, I had half of the fringe bit straight and the rest afro looking. Came home to cut the front of my hair. Spent this morning at the hairdressers having a much needed haircut. Has been nearly a year. Way shorter than I wanted to go (as my hair goes mental when it is short) but it was so dry there was no point not cutting it properly.

Pic of my hair cut, doesn't really show how short it is, but I struggle to get the shortest piece behind my ear!

Been busy creating but not a lot I can share since a bunch of it has been requested for publication… Always a bonus! Still need to finish a layout, just can’t find the right finishing touch and it looks totally bare without the final touch… Grrrr…

Haven’t done any EDM for ages, need to get back into that and do it. Haven’t started the celebrate theme let alone the home one and then there will be another theme very very soon.

Something I can share, Miss Nikki’s and Mr Drewie’s birthday cards. Am into using photos on cards at the moment, especially for the kids as they love looking at them and saying whose card and who’s photo it is!

Really love this photo of Nikki, so happy and relaxed and just Nikki. Amazing how great the ladder made as a play toy on that day. The kids thought it was a great A frame.

Drew cracks me up with this photo, when I was taking it he was pushing the toy along and walking with it (only not in the photo) and laughing every time I took photos.... Ahhh memories.

Enough rambling from me, enjoy the pics, even if some are a little ummmm unusual and not G rated!


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