Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tired and sharing

Nothing much to update with other than I am exhausted and Nat is working yet again. He took Saturday and Sunday nights off work for the bucks/hens party and then worked Monday, last night was a late fill in (went in at 9pm!), then tonight he is filling in again (as staff are on holidays) and then Thursday and Friday are his regular shifts! 5 nights in a row, it is a bit much… if you ask me.

Not to mention I am not sleeping, not because the kids are being a real pain (well not the 3 living outside of my stomach) but the baby is making me wake up every hour and go to the toilet. (Sorry for to much info!) Add that to a sore lower back (already) and my regular hip pain, life is slow and grumpy here at the moment.

On the bright side, I had a fantastic massage yesterday and it really helped my lower back. The lady (Trudy) comes to your house and charges me less than the person I used to use! $45 for an hour and she was here for over an hour. Yay… Plus she had a great tip about a chiropractor that only treats pregnant ladies and mothers…. Might need to go visit her. Got to wait till she is back from maternity leave first!

Gotta dash and pick up the kids from childcare after a long day at work… Finally taking my albums into childcare to show the careers who scrapbook. They had been nagging me since I got back from the States… Have been a little shy I guess but I am biting the bullet!



will said...

Good news on the massage, I might have to get that number off you! :)

Bet those Scrapbooking Carers where blown away!!

Catch up soon

Fiona said...

So when is the next massage? *grin*

Good to hear you found someone who can come to you.