Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is all I can say! When you have hair that looks like this! Terrible picture I know, but it was a self portrait and I was in the biggest sucky mood. I paid $30 for it to be blow dried like this. It is sticky up all over the place. If it hasn't settled down tomorrow, I am going back to complain. I had it blow dried for my photo shoot with Katie as since my hair has been cut, I can't blow dry it (I end up looking like some 80's punk rocker!)

And to top it all off, the photo shoot isn't happening tomorrow. Drew has conjunctivitis... So disappointed and cranky.



Willisa said...

I'd being complaining anyway!! How in gods name did the manage to cut your hair that short at the top anyway??

Meanwhile, you could run with it?? Start a new trend?? I mean the Mullet was hip for awhile there, so surely the 80 rock star do isn't too far behind that!!

Sarah said...

Did they put product in your hair for flyaways. you need some strightening balm on it cause i get it all the time... Bugger that Ros, go back and complain....

Hope Drew feels better soon. i had it last week and it is not nice...

No not the shoot that you have been plannng for sooo long.. not fair.

Fiona said...

Great photo for your book of me! You could call it bad hair day *grin* I see what you were talking about. Go back and get your money back - and so don't go back there next time.

Hope you had some sleep last night and the princess didn't keep you up.