Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the insomnia is back! I was awake for over 4 hours last night. I finally drifted off to sleep about an hour before Nat came home and promptly woke up as soon as he was in the door. As tired as I was, I couldn't sleep nor stay in bed... Quite annoying to tell you the truth. I know who will be having a nanna nap today!

On a positive note of laying awake in bed for 4 hours, I planned my comp. entry and my DT stuff for the month, (making a Christmas layout, card and tag featuring the one sort of paper.) And all from not getting out of my bed!


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Fiona said...

Well I'll learn to read all the posts before I comment now. I suppose at the very least the kids weren't keeping you awake - AND you now have inspiration for the comp and your DT stuff. Time well spent *grin*.

Have a nice nanna nap later.