Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where have I been...

Where I have been... Well hardly home, that is right. We arrived home from Perth late on Wednesday evening and then it was straight back to work for me on Thursday, work again on Friday, Doctor's visit (all okay) then a trip up to Heyfield for my brother's wedding rehearsal. Weekend was spent in Heyfield and surrounding towns with all wedding related things. Back at work again on Monday and then again today...

Must warn you all now, this will be a huge post mainly full of wedding photos, of not only my brother and SIL but with Nat and Josh (as they were in the wedding party) and a few pics of me too... None of Nat and I together though (shame... hoping mum took some on her camera)

Damm blogger won't let me post anymore pics... Being dumb and since I was uploading them backwards so I didn't have to move them all around you are seeing the end of the evening before the beginning!

Can't you just see the love?

My sister (Dee) and her boyfriend, Shaun. Love this pic of them 2, will be getting it printed and framed for them for xmas...

My mum and her partner, Alan. One of the few decent photos I have of the 2 of them together.

Can't you see how relaxed they both are now...

Amanda's niece Emily taking photos... Soo cute and will be scrapping this photo for sure!

Joshie all tuckered out after his day of weddingness and vomit! Yes that is right, my little man wasn't well and vomited just as we got to the church. I managed to see most of the church service having to leave at the end as he begun to vomit again. Vomited most of the 2 hour break between the church and the reception (hence a photo of him in totally casual clothes) and then was fine at the reception and eating entres like a hungry hippo!

Until my brother comes back to work from his honeymoon, I am working every weekday… A fry cry from my usual one-day a week, money is good, but my feet and swelling and aching!

Ohh and on the swollen feet note, the midwife I saw on Friday at my check up told me that walking, yes walking is the best thing for swollen feet! I have always been told to rest and put them up…. Oh yeah and swimming is good for them too she said… LOL, the funniest thing is I struggle to walk some days and then swimming, well my physio said I can swim, but only with my arms, not allowed to use my legs at all…. Hmmm, I think in this case maybe pregnant mummy knows my body better than the midwife! Feet upright and resting here we come!


P.S. The kids put some “Daddy drink” (Pepsi max) in the freezer today… not what you want to come home and find and take out of the freezer. Cans that popped (on the bench) with frozen Pepsi stinks! And the kids thought they were helping…. Hmmmm still cute though!

P.P.S Ultrasound on Friday and we can find out the sex of this bubba! Yay and then think of a name…. Woo hoo and it will have a name instead of “baby”

P.P.P.S I have 2 classes coming up at Paper Doll early December. Have a look for the classes link on the blog or drop in store to see my class samples.


Fiona said...

Love the photo of Joshie! How did he look in his dress up clothes *grin*


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