Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Veg day

Yet another veg day here in Perth. Was supposed to be flying up to Fiona's work for a look see but with me not being well yesterday and Sunday we had to cancel the visit. Hoping to go to Kings Park this afternoon for Drew to have a play at the playground but waiting on slack Natty to get ready... First him and Drew were asleep and now he is playing some stupid computer game that takes days...

Would you believe we have hardly taken any photos while we have been here. Slack really. Have had the camera most places we have been just have taken it out of the camera bag. Of course we got some photos at the Red Bull race but that is where the majority have been taken.

I feel as if I am not getting enough sleep here. Yesterday I had 3 naps, yes THREE naps, and was in bed and asleep before 9.30pm! I am guessing it is the very early mornings that Drew is waking us up at and the fact that I have been sick and am pregnant and the baby is growing... That is right, the baby is now growing and I am starting to get a preggie belly and not longer have the fat looking belly that doesn't look pregnant yet. (So hate that faze!)

Off to finish getting ready to go and find some lunch etc.

P.S. W.A. finally starts daylight savings next month, Sunday the 3rd so it will be back to the 2 hour time difference... It is about time I say! If only QLD would follow suit soon...

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