Monday, November 20, 2006


We went to the Red Bull Race yesterday and Nat loved it! I on the other hand, hardly saw anything. It was quite warm so I sat in Drew's little sun tent with ice packs and rested. I am not 100% great with the heat when I am not pregnant but then I am even worse whilst pregnant.

It took us over an hour to get back to Fiona's from South Perth (and it is normally a 15-20 minute drive) and as soon as I got back I vomited every where. I had a stomach ache at the race but thought it was the baby growing and stretching out as I normally have pain around 17 weeks. I was vomiting so much and couldn't keep water down that I had to go to the doctors, only every time I sat up, I would vomit again. Quick call to the ambulance and that was the best way to get to the hospital. A couple of doses of fluid via drip and some drugs and I was a little better and released to come back to Fiona's at 2.30am!

Woke this morning at 6am (didn't even here Fiona attend to Drew) but was far too hot to stay in bed. No idea what caused me to be sick and the pain but it wasn't sunstroke like the ambulance drivers initially though. Oh, most important thing, the baby is okay. Had a great doctor who scanned me and checked out a few other possible causes of pain, liver, kidney etc. but all okay. If I still have pain in my lower right side again or it gets much worse they think it could be my appendix. Lets hope not.

Off to go and take it easy today as I am so tried and still not 100%. I think still not 100% is my normal standard for me... LOL!


P.S. Went to another scrap store on Saturday, different to the one we went to the crop at but all good. Had some fun shopping.

P.P.S Went out to Hog's Breathe Cafe for Nat's birthday dinner on Saturday and had some good meals. The steak and lamb shanks were excellent (which I didn't have either). I was so tried that I couldn't even fit in cake, (cheesecake) and we were going to have it last night (still sitting in the fridge waiting to be cut. I think it will be eaten today!)


Sarah said...

You sound like you are living at my house at the moment. Full of sickness..LOL. Seriously i am glad you are on the mend....GASTRO IS RIPE over here, every single kid from Bek's class had a day off wiht it last week......grrrr

Take care and enjoy your holiday!!

Willisa said...

My god! Only YOU could get so sick while on holiday ya poor thing!!

Rest up and relax! It's a HOLIDAY! Remember???