Saturday, November 18, 2006

Further greetings from Perth

I realised in my last post I had hardly written anything about what we had done... LOL! I think it was the serious lack of sleep getting to me. We arrived here on Thursday at 9.15 am (which is 3 hours behind Melbourne time) and we had been up since 5am! Ran some errands after the flight, had lunch at Fremantle (overlooking the bay) and drove to a friend of Fiona's to pick up some much needed baby things (high chair, porta cot, toys and baby gate). Drove home and vegged before having a late dinner and I crashed before 8pm! I was so tired I didn't even finish my dinner.

I woke up at 2am thinking I had had enough sleep only to fall back asleep again to be woken up by Drew at 5am! Since I was the one who went to bed earliest I got up and dealt with him. Had my massage in the morning paid for by Miss Fiona (thanks Fi!) and hit the Subiaco markets afterwards. Came back for lunch and did a quick grocery shop for essentials to come back and sleep for a few hours before making dinner and heading to the crop. Got to the crop late (or a little behind schedule, as Ruth the owner told us to say!!!) and had a great time. People weren't clicky and were friendly and the shop was great. Heaps of room to move around with loads of stock and a huge workshop area. Made a few cards, did a little on my EDM album and came uo with some new class ideas for a class I maybe teaching next year and got home at 12.30ish... Only to be woken at 5am again by Master Drewie!

Have sent the boy to bed with some milk so I can get some net time without the hawk eye supervision I feel he needs when we are not at home but he is not sleeping. Off to get him... Grrr


P.S. Sarah I slipped on the wet floor (which I dried with a dry towel) and hit my head on the archtrive (sp.)

P.P.S Drew is loving the one on one time with us and we miss the other kids like crazy. Calling them today so they can wish Nat a happy birthday. We keep saying things the older kids would say to help us think they are here in spirit. LOL...


Sarah said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I bet the kids are missing ou just the same..

have fun

Willisa said...

Oh YAY for Fun in Perth!!! Sounds great!!

Happy Birthday NAT!!!!