Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things are getting better...

Things got worse after my last post (I had another fall not long after posting, spliting my forehead and hurting my arm and side, this time) but things have been getting better since then.
I am not home for nearly a week as we are in Perth at my SIL's for Nat's birthday and the Red Bull Air Race with Drewie (Josh and Nikki are at my mum's... Thanks Mum!) In the lead up to the break I had the mad rush at work with wages in advance for the staff and for my brothers 2.5 weeks of annual leave... So not what I need to do with BAS and my regular work as well... Oh well, on holidays now, and in holiday mode (sort of).

So here we are having a mini break from the older kids (Drew is loving the one on one Mummy and Daddy time and time with Aunty Fiona) and my hips are aching like crazy. The four hour flight might have had sometime to do with it. Going to have a hour long massage tomorrow so hope that helps. And a crop night at the LSS here.

Just read on Katie Toland's blog about the Pumpkin Patch outlet store online... Someone could have pointed that out before I spent $110 on material for maternity clothes (still in the progress stages... except for one pair of pants, now complete and comfy and on my bod! Thanks Marion) I wonder how much damage I could do at that store.... Hmmm

Best go and help the others with dinner. Was told to go and check my e-mails so of course I was a good girl and have done so... LOL


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Sarah said...

OH My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!

What did you fall on.. this is a bit scarey now Ros..

well i hope you are having a fantasic holiday. sounds like you need it...Hope the weather is much nicer than here,lol