Sunday, November 12, 2006


Firstly an update re my fall Thursday night. I had a dizzy spell at 3am Friday morning (couldn't sleep so I was on the computer) and since I was home alone with the children, Nurse on call put my through to the ambulance. They were great (both Nurse on call and the paramedics that came) and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. It was either a trip to the hospital or go and see my GP in the morning, I took the latter option. Especially with the three kids at home all asleep.

The GP couldn't find anything wrong wit me but said I twisted and jarred my back when I fell which was causing the chest pain and the pain high in my stomach. My blood pressure was lower than normal (for me) so I am guessing that could have been the cause of severe dizziness etc.

Had a visit to my physio as well who couldn't believe I had fallen. Not only had I gone backwards since the last visit (due to the fall) but was totally worse than before I even went in there. I am going back to see her again tomorrow with instructions to not lift the children or anything heavy all weekend.... Certainly difficult since I did 3 loads of washing yesterda (took me over half an hour to hang out with little trips) and with Nat finishing night shift yesterday morning at 6am and then working day shift today from 6am - 6pm... I am doing the best I can and making do where I can't!

I finished my DT work last night, finally. I can't believe it took me nearly a week to make the card I made... LOL and it didn't take that long to do. I was just struggling as it sometimes happens. I think I struggled so much too as I really like my layout and tag I made that I didn't want the card to look second rate. All my DT work for November will be in store at Paper Doll on Monday.

In terms of the other competition I was entering, I haven't made it through to the next round. Damm it.. LOL, at least the pressure is off (handy with me going to Perth on Thursday) but disappointing still. It was for a DT position on Scrapboxx. Over 150 entered and each round was cut down by half. Here are some of the projects I made as the round enteries. Well, I would post some of them but blogger isn't playing nice. This is the only one it will let me upload for now. Part of a challenge to use one product three ways (chipboard was my chosen product)

The kids are getting restless in the study and into things that shouldn't be (like my MM paints)


Fiona said...

Bad luck on the DT thing - I wonder who will get the position.
Hope you feel less sore soon.


Sarah said...


i hope you are OK.. Seriously James is home most nights and if anything like that happens i am only a phone call away.....

Far out chick, give me a fright, hope you are OK...