Thursday, January 04, 2007


Really frustrated here, I went to work this afternoon and as I left I asked Nat to tidy up a little. I can no longer mop the floor or sweep up the little pile of messes with the brush and shovel. Anyhow, I get home from work to find the house in a bigger mess that when I left with the lounge, rumpus and Josh and Nikki's room as complete disaster zones.

Nat said as soon as I walked in the door "don't go down that end of the house!"
If he knew it was such a mess why didn't he do something about it before I got home, knowning that I'd be annoyed!

To top it all off Nikki had only gone down for a nap at 3.30pm (WTF) way too late and he couldn't see why I was getting cranky about her having a nap so late. After not going to bed till midnight last night as the boys wouldn't sleep (and Nat was at a friends house) when he is at work tonight and Nikki is having a late nap, how else did he think I'd react!

I have some scrapping stuff to share but I am sooo *grrrrr* right now I will wait.

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mich said...

Geezz... I can just imagine your frustration. I do hope you find some time to wind down yourself. Take care, and still hope to see your scrapping stuff.