Friday, January 05, 2007

Less Frustrated...

I just typed a post and blogger ate it! Don’t you hate that, seriously annoying and you can never get what you wrote done the same way again.

Nat and I talked this morning after the kids went to childcare and before Nat went to sleep. It helped. He is going to pull his weight around the house a little more and then some. That should make a few improvements and make things a little better.

I am so tired at the moment, I don’t know if it is the weather or being back at work or both. I was in bed at 9.30 last night and I woke 3 times during the night to the kids and when I woke at 6am I felt refreshed (well for most of the day anyhow.)

Dropped into Paper Doll today with the samples for my card class. Stay tuned to Paper Doll blog for pics and details.

Had dinner of pizza with the kids. So not super healthy but it tasted good and meant I didn’t have to cook when it is a bazillion degrees here today.

For some reason blogger doesn’t want to let me upload any pics etc. It is having a real banana today. That, and since it had a spac attack I changed to blogger beta. We will see if it is really better! Does anyone know how to use Piccsa? I have noticed a lot of people using it lately and I have no idea! Might make me life easier re pics and this blog!

On that note… cheers,

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Sarah said...

I am using Picasa2. Google it and then download it. It then finds all your digi pics. You can fix them up and make collages. I love

Glad you are a bit