Monday, January 29, 2007


I am so exhausted at the moment. I am struggling to get through any day let alone today or tomorrow or the next day. Nat is home tomorrow night (for 2 nights) then back at work for another 2 (at least his mum should be here to help me out.)

I have tried cutting back on my hours at work but that isn't happening very well and my body is falling further and further apart. (I am sitting at the computer waiting for my panadine to kick in and with one huge ice pack on!)

I have decided not to reapply for the PDSB DT (I feel a little better by making that decision now and not stressing over it)

I wish my kids would sleep better at night and through the night. I am woken up at least 3+ times a night (and anywhere up to 10 times, I guess... Don't know to be honest, I have never counted and don't think I should!)

I have tried having nanna naps during the day but they certainly don't help too much in the way of missed sleep from night time.

The best sleep I get at night is just before 6am when Josh comes into my room and wakes me up asking for milk.

One positive note, the health nurse is coming here tomorrow to suggest some stratergies to help with the kids behaviour etc. She is really observing tomorrow and the suggestions will come next week but hopefully I'll pick up some tips.


P.S. Nothing to show today, have no energy to create or the time...


Katie Toland said...

Oh Ros, I hope her visit is beneficial, and you get on top of all this. I don't know how you manage to get through the days, so I'm thinking of you and sending good vibes.

Willisa said...

Ros!! Finger crossed that she has some fantastic ideas for you all.
Big Hugs


Fiona said...

I think I was channelling you last night - I got so little sleep and just before fly out too *grin*.

Hope the health nurse can advise you on some techniques that will work for you and the kids.