Friday, January 26, 2007

Catch up but mainly full of layouts...

- Haven't been scrapping for a few days. Made cards instead for my next card class at Paper Doll. This is one I finished on Saturday night but have only just taken a photo of. Pictures and stuff about what we did in December 2006. Love some of the photos on this one!
- Working lots, yuck... Physio appointments and crutches also was home I spent a lot of my week.

- Drewie has tonsillits, is teething and now has a bruised foot (got caught in the recliner chair when you put your feet up) so last night was terrible. He didn't want Daddy, only Mummy and I finally made it in to bed at 12.30 to be woken up at 6am!

- Was my SIL's birthday last Sunday (Fiona) and this is something I made as part of her present!

- This is the layout I made to go with my mum's birthday present... About all the thing she has taught me. I think she liked it and it is currently sitting on display in her living room compared to in her album.

- And this last layout is the one I did in Will's online class ages ago and have only just finished recently. Terrible I know! Since blogger was being so kind in uploading this, I let rip!

- Hope everyone is having a good Australia Day. We are just spending it at home (I think) as a family and just chilling. Something we all need right now.


P.S. Drew had to have a car ride to settle down last night at midnight, anyway so not the point! As we got back home and were at the front door, I knocked on the door for Nat to open it and Drew did the 'knock knock' action too and said "knock knock!"
Was so cute when he was tired as, cranky and sore!


Kim said...

Hi Ros,
Love your LO's especially the december one with all the pics, great idea.

Cya KIm.

Fiona said...

Love the LO's Ros - mine has prode of place on the entertainment unit at home - love it!