Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturdays update

- Drew has 2 new worda “sheorts” (shorts… so funny when he says it though.) and go way (go away)

- Went to the health centre with the kids on Thursday. Josh is exactly 1m tall, Nikki is 92cm and little Drewie is 80.5cm.

- The health nurse could see I was struggling with the kids re routines etc. and has arranged for a home visit from a special health nurse that will help with setting routines etc. at bedtime and all that.

- Thursday night Nikki slept in the spare bed in Drew’s room. Josh settled a lot better, Nikki and Drew “talked” for a little but the whole event was my more settled and less stressful. I even was in bed at 9pm! Might have had something to do with my swollen feet that ached if they were not up resting.
Can’t say I was that good last night, Nat’s sister Kris was over so I wasn’t in bed till 11.30pm!

- Taught my card class today. Went fairly well only the ladies didn’t get it all done (some card required homework) but I think there is going to be homework on every card they did!

- Nat has gone to Heyfield to see my brother with Josh and Nikki has gone to my mum’s. It is just me and Drewie and a cybercrop tonight. I was going to do some work I had to do for a mag, but since Drew went down for a late nap I have already got almost all of it done!

- Loving this rain, if only it is falling in the right areas. My plants are loving it too. That and all the water I have been saving and putting outside helps too. I have felt too guilty to use my dishwasher lately and have been handwashing dishes… It is amazing how much water I am putting outside each day.

- Did an online challenege for Scraptacular for “the book of she”Loving the funky bazzill scalloped edge at the moment.


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Fiona said...

Sounds like you are having a nice quiet weekend - wonder how many new words Drew will come out with!

I have opened my pressies - thankyou! I love them. The LO is proudly displayed on the whiteboard at the moment - but I'm going to frame it when I get home next week.