Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An update in dot point...

- Been up since 3am this morning! Drew had a temp. of 40.1 and I couldn’t go back to sleep until I knew it had come down. 15 minutes after getting up to Drew, Nikki woke up and didn’t go back to sleep until 4.30 – 5am. Josh woke up at 4am and stayed awake.

- Did a little scrapping today in amongst going to work. Managed to get 2 layouts done! Good progress for me… LOL anyone that has ever scrapped with me would know that! Can only show you one of them as the other is for Paper Doll DT.
My kids and Callum. Photos taken 2 days before Christmas. Love these pics, only wish I got some of just my 3 at the same time. Did manage to get some photos of the 5 of us though! Super simple layout, but I love it. The b & w pic is on foam tape of course (I have a love affair with it!)

- I went to Katie’s on Sunday and was working on a mini book and didn’t get done nearly as much as I wanted to. At least I had some fabulous de-stress and unwinding time, which was very much needed.

- Been working everyday this week (as usual) and am struggling with the heat. Been trying to do short stints (except for Monday when I was there for 6 hours)

- Teaching a card class at Paper Doll on Saturday.

- Nat’s going to visit my brother in Heyfield too and take at least either Josh or Nikki (maybe both but I doubt it).

- Drew has been spitting out new words in the past few days, “see ya” is his latest

- Josh has a new way of saying “childcare”, he calls it COLDcare!

- Josh said “Daddy was CRANKY this morning whilst Daddy was still asleep! And the old man is snoring!”
Nat was cranky as the kids wouldn’t go back to sleep and he had had little sleep (staying in night shift mode) and was snoring when he was asleep so Josh was 100% correct and I told him so! LOL!

- Took all 3 kids for haircuts yesterday. Nikki had her first haircut and was pretty good. They were all in fact! The boys now look spunky instead of "messy, lazy mummy I need a haircut about 4 weeks ago look!" No photos as yet though... It was a struggle at times after the haircut as Josh ran around the car park... So not listening and I was really struggling. Another mum said "here give me the trolley and go and get him!"
I was so please she did as Josh was running so fast I had a lot of trouble catching up with him. Not to mention running all over the local shopping centre car park and across the road towards the shops etc. Luckily no one was hurt and there was no cars driving past.

- I will leave you with my latest pics of Nikki, that I took of her the other day outside. You will be able to see them on a layout soon as I used 3 of them on my DT layout. When Wendy uploads them to the blog I will post the link (need to hand it in first! LOL!)


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Kim said...

Love the pics Ros. The ones of Nikki look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth LOL lovin the curls :)