Friday, February 02, 2007


I was at work today and Dad comes in and goes “Are you going to be here much longer?”
I said “No, I’m getting hungry!” (Hello, it was at least 1.15pm!)
He replies with “So am I, but if I don’t go and get these rails they will warp, twist and buckle in the heat…” and walks out and drives off in the truck…

Hello, pregnant women that gets very cranky when she hasn’t eaten! If he had of waited, I could have gone home (less than 5 minutes away) made lunch and come back… Or even gone to the shops. No, instead I was still waiting until 2.15pm!

Grr… bloody men!


Cindy said...

Awww...poor you ! I'd have brought you some lunch :)

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Just saying hello, I found you blog off another! :) Hope u pregnancy goes well and bub comes soon!

Love Lisa!

Will said...

Men just don't get it do they hun!!