Monday, February 05, 2007

3 year old kinder and I love you!

We are doing a new routine with the kids (Josh & Nikki) for bedtime called slow withdrawal. I have to sit in the room with them and slowly leave (making excuses) for longer and longer periods each time. We have nearly been doing this routine for a week now. It first took 1.5hours to settle them to sleep the first couple of nights with me being up at various times during the night for 30 minutes each time. It has slowly gotten better. Tonight, they were both asleep within 15 minutes… I NEARLY didn’t know what to do with myself… After 2.5 hours of sleep, they have both woken up again and right in the middle of the brand new episode of Brothers and Sisters. So annoying as I was obviously watching it! I had to put a tape on to tape the rest so I can watch it later and now I am killing time in between my excuses and to go to bed myself.

Today was a big day for my little Josh man. He started 3 year old kinder. He was so cute and super excited. Since I had to work this morning and his Nanna (my mum) was looking after the kids, I told Josh we would go to kinder after lunch and for lunch, we were having hot dogs.
At 10am, he asked Nanna for a hot dog saying he was hungry, ate it up and then said “I can go to kinder now!”
So cute…

He loved kinder so much that in the car on the way home he said “I can go back again tomorrow!”
Thank goodness I brought him a uniform for kinder so he knows when he wears his “uniform” it means he has kinder today…

Photos to come, I have been too lazy to download them as of yet.

Also, just one last thing, Nikki told Nanna today “I love you!” and it really made my mum’s day (as it would) and when I asked her if she loved Mummy and Daddy, all I got was a “yeah…”


Fiona said...

Love Joshies excitement at kinder. I'll have to call him after kinder one day *grin*


Tammy Templeton said...

Warning!! I just had a comment posted with a link to a valentine site. Do not publish this comment or click on the link. It opened up to a site and then more windows kept popping open and I had a warning pop up window saying that my security codes where at risk.
Take care