Friday, February 09, 2007

Slight update

I have no idea how long it has been since I blogged (a while I think) and I haven’t even organised the photos I was going to upload yet. I have been soooooo busy, between working, sleeping (trying to), the kids bedtime routine, hardly any me time, washing, dishes etc. the list goes on, and on not to mention going shopping for Nikki and Drew as the both need new shoes... (notice that is still need, not needed!)

I did manage to find the time to fit in and spend a shitload of money! Like about... $38,600. I brought a new car yesterday and we also sold Nat's car. We weren't going to trade Nat's car in (going to sell it privately) but the price was quite good so we did. I am getting a Kia Grand Carnival (with heaps of boot room), 8 seats and lots of other bells and whistles. (sp.) I should be getting it late next week or the week after. It was about time we really did something about it as my due date is just over 10 weeks away. We changed our mind about colours, as the silver was "in stock" but they couldn't tell me when they would have it in exactly. Anyway, I totally recommend Kia/Nissan in Berwick especially Cheryl as she was great! So not pushy and when I rang her and said I want this, and she said what price will make you buy this car from me, I named it and she did it... My kind of car salesperson!

No time to create anything of late, missing it to be honest. I haven't even had the time to turn the pages over on my DW calender. It still says the 5th! How bad is that!

Must go and crawl into bed, so tired.


Fiona said...

Yay! New Car!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Yippeee for your new car..........
So how is the bedtime routine going??????

chat soon


wendy said...

how exciting - a new car!!

Your pages in SM & SC look great too, but you're going to have to update your "2 become 5" pretty soon. :))