Thursday, February 15, 2007

Can you guess where I have been?

I had an ultrasound yesterday to check on little Missy's heart (family history) and everything was A-OK! Growth is good and what they expected for 30 weeks. The sonographer also said "I am 90% sure it is still a girl. Hard to tell as baby has crossed legs"
Sounds like a girl way of sitting doesn't it? LOL

I actually scrapped the other day. Quite a simple one of Miss Nikki with the photos taken in November whilst trying to get a family shot done. Yeah, right! I love these photos of her, especially the large one.
Getting my car on Monday next week. Can't wait except, I don't do new car smell very well (make me feel yucky) and we are getting the windows tinted and reverse parking sensors fitted. Hopefully by the time I pick the car up I will be allowed to put the windows down!

Josh and Nikki just came in (from watching ABC kids) and asked if they could have a Marie biscuit each. While it is only 8.40am and quite early (they did eat breakfast early, Nikki and Drew have been up since 6am!) the manners Josh used were perfect so how could I say no?

Nat and I didn't do a lot yesterday for Valentine's day (I did get a voucher to have a deluxe manicure and pedicure though) as I had to work, we had the ultrasound and we each had a massage for our aches and pains (good timing being Valentine's day though...)

I haven't worked too much this week (which has been good for me and my body) but I still need some serious sleep catch up... I know my body is getting ready for the baby, but come one, 10 weeks to go, let me sleep better at night please!!!

Off to do domestic duties!

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Fiona said...

Love the LO of Miss Nikki. And what a great ultrasound photo - it's on my wall *grin*. It would be geat to get a similar shot after missy is born and to scrap them together.