Monday, January 08, 2007

Life is good...

Life is good when your other half is vacuuming the whole house and you didn’t even have to ask! (Could have something to do with that I can no longer mop or vacuum and can hardly pick things up off the floor!)

Life is good when you get 3 magazines in the mail all in the one day, SC, CK & Scrapbooks etc. (my CK US sub has kicked in, yay and my BHG Scrapbooks etc. sub turned up without me having to call first! Why does it finally work when I have decided to discontinue that sub and get it at the newsagency instead?)

Life is good when Drew is down for a nap and the other kids are outside playing nicely. (It wasn’t always like that today mind you!)

I tell you one thing that annoys me, when people are invited over for dinner (my brother and sister in law) and you tell them that you are eating at 6pm! They don’t turn up until at least 6.15pm… Tonight, we didn’t wait for them, the kids were exhausted and hungry. They came mid way through dinner…
Gotta laugh and mention Nikki’s quote of the day during dinner, all was quiet and she pipes up with “I got boobies!”
LOL, she meant that she had a little bra singlet top on… Hehe!

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wendy said...

Life does sound pretty good Ros!

My man spent yesterday cleaning the office for me. I got home last night and there was a floor!! Today he is playing 36 holes of golf, but I guess he earned it. LOL!

Speaking of guests that don't turn up. Did you get the DT email from monday nights class?