Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More dribble

Big news, for me at least. Both Nikki and Drew slept through Monday night. That is unheard of. If only Josh did as well. I slept pretty good as Nat was up and dealt with Josh when he woke up.
If only it continues through last night. Last night I slept terrible. Not only is the baby growing (and sitting on my bladder!) but Nat was at work and Nikki was still awake at 9.30pm!
I eventually sent Nikki to my bed where she went and shut my door, okay, no probs there... When I went to bed 1/2 an hour later the door was locked (no probs, use the key) and she had all the lights on in the room. I am guessing she has suddenly decided that she is scared of the dark.... Hmmm, Josh went through a faze like that too but grew out of if and was happy with the hallway light on, not the bedroom light. Must go by Nikki a bedside lap today....

Speaking of Nat being awake whilst Josh woke up, that could have had something to do with Nat being up on the computer playing games till 5.30am! BOYS! Normally, I wouldn't care, I'd wake him up and he would have to deal with the tiredness as it is his own stupid fault, but he had to work last night and I had to work as well... I had to call his mum to baby sit the kids as there was no way I was getting to work if I waited for him to wake up!

Enough dribble from me, I have to grab some things from the shops before getting the kids from childcare... No craft time for me today... :(

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