Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New to everyone… I had a very quite night as Nat was working so his parents came over to keep me and the kids company. I had a few offers to go places but I am trying to get the kids back into a good bedtime routine. Damm Christmas stuffed that up! LOL…

I made a card and messed around with some craft stuff and talking etc. It was a nice relaxing way to see out 2006 and see in 2007. I must admit I am quite tired now as I only had 6 hours sleep! Didn’t the kids know I was up late last night? Hehe…

Tomorrow is my last day of “holidays” before work goes back. I am not even sure what hours or days I am working in the new year yet (damm family!) all I know is that I will be working. I also have to get up early tomorrow morning to pick my dad up from the airport… Couldn’t he have picked a better time to fly in other than 8.15am and why me? Just because my brother moved away, why me? I still have a sister! I am just the resident airport taxi usually for Mum so I guess that is why I am taking Dad too.

I haven’t done a huge lot of things over my break but it has been nice to have one. It has been a shame that Nat has been at work for most of it… Timing!

Best be off and I will leave you with my resolution for the new year. To be better organised so that things run smoother when the baby is born.Ros.

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