Thursday, December 28, 2006

My pregnancy...

I just thought I would blog about my pregnancy today seeing as I haven’t written much about it and it will be for my records too. I am now 23 weeks pregnant, seeing the physio once a week for my pelvis pain, currently feeling pain in the front of my pelvis with each step I take and I am using the crutches more often, especially during the day when Nat is home so that I can do more at night when he is at work.

I have cravings for salads (my chicken caesar salad in particular), fruit salads and summer fruits (strawberries and grapes being the main two). I also have a craving for sweet things quite often too.

We have picked two girls names since you are supposed to be 90% chance of a girl! They are Indiana shortened to Indy or Isabella shortened to Izzy or Bella. Middle name will be Hope after Nat’s grandmother Ella Hope.

I am currently calling you Missy as we haven’t narrowed down the names to one and I feel better talking to you (the baby) whilst it has a name. All the other kids had a special name (using a shortened version of the two names we have picked from either sex) and it makes me feel less silly talking to my stomach if there is a name used.



Wendy said...

Hi Ros,
Ive been hibernating since Christmas and just caught up with your blog again.
I love the Christmas pressies you made - bet the lucky recipients were happy to get them too.
Sorry to hear the pain is getting worse for you, but how exciting to actually be choosing names!!
See you soon :D

Anonymous said...

Aww, poor you suffering with pain :(

I wanted to call Kade "Ella Hope" if he had been a girl.

Off to read some more of your blog :)

mich said...

Hi Ros... Don't mind me crashing your blog (Michelle from Scrap Pile). I LOVE the name Indiana and I know of another friend whose daughter's name is Indiana. Isabella is gorgeous too...