Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I am in lurve with...

my new trimmer! Move on our Natty, it's to die for! LOL!!!

Okay so obviously I got a new Making Memories trimmer for Christmas and it is great! Thanks Didi! (My sister). I also go a new wallet, Gilmore Girls season 5 (thank god as I finished season 4 the other day, LOL), a new wallet, a gift voucher for Colorado, a cuddly pillow (so soft and squishy), some new baskets for my Ikea unit filled with goodies, a few other odds and ends and the biggest present of all time (yet to come) with be swimming pool fencing for our backyard! (Thanks mum!) I wish we were getting a pool (not yet) but the pool fencing is so the kids can play outside without the dogs being dogs and we can eat outside more often at my fabo table I finally got this year. I don't know if I ever blogged about it. It is a cypress table very solid that my dad made me for my 21st that i only got about 3 months ago! LOL!

The kids got spoiled and got heaps of stuff and are loving it. I have even put a few of the presents away for raining days as there was too much to play with all at once. Nikki is in love with Dora and Josh who didn't want to watch Dora wouldn't move away from the tv! Drew loves his little trolley and basket from ELC and so do the older kids! LOL!

All in all, Christmas was a great day. We had breakfast here with Fiona of pancakes and donuts (made by my little donut maker machine, it is so cute and they were so yummy!) Cleaned up before leaving for mum's (smart move) and then we had lunch at mum's and Alan's place with my brother and sister and their partners and Alan's kids.

Dinner was at Nat's parents place with some family friends. I fell asleep on the couch (LOL) and all the kids were napping in various places around the house. Came home and emptied the car (all the goodies fit!) and put most of it all away before going to bed. I am trying to be more organised and by putting a lot of the toys away while the kids were in bed was a lot easier...

Yesterday I had my cousin drop by with her baby Daniel (she lives in Lismore now) and I hadn't seen here for a year! Nat's sisters and mum came over for dinner (leftovers from Christmas) and we did craft things. I made a really awesme card from the BG blush range. Well, I think so! LOL, I will photograph it soon.

I am enjoying my day free from the children and not having to work or race around everywhere. I plan on doing some more craft things and chilling! I was a good girl and went back to bed for a sleep after dropping off the kids as 6 hours of sleep is not enough for me and I was way tired... I even managed to do a load of washing and hang it out before getting online! Such a good effort for me!

Now this post is full of rambling I'll end it here!


P.S. Bad scrapbooker I have been, I didn't take many photos at all. I was actually in a lot of pain and couldn't walk/sit/stand or anything very well so Nat took a few pics but I need to get some of Mum's/Marion's/Fiona's cameras for more xmas pics!

P.P.S. I may not have taken many photos but I did write down what the kids got for Christmas off us, grandparents and aunts and uncles... A very big task I tell you!


Sarah said...

HI Ros,
I want that trimmer as well. We have had a few problems so make sure it is all OK...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.
Chat soon


Willisa Hogarth said...

WOW Ros thats so cool!!! Never mind about the photo's - It will choosing which ones to scrapbook much easier.