Sunday, December 24, 2006

Been creating...

This is a major catch up post pre Christmas with a few Christmas and a photo of the five of us taken yesterday. It is about the best of the bunch and we took heaps! Of course the kids got antsy but when don't they... We also took some of Nat and his siblings and his parents, his 2 sisters and all the grandkids together etc. I'd share some more of those only this post will be big enough as it is!
I have been making some Christmas presents of late but haven't photographed them all (silly girl!). Below is a calender I made for my sister. It has part of a quote on it from Nikki to Josh. She was going to bed one night and said "Night night Josh, I lofe you!"
So cute! I love that quote and it is one of many that I have written down that I tend to scrap at some point or another.

Christmas Joy is a layout in an 8 x 8 frame for my SIL Kris (in the photo with Drew). I just love the look on Drew's face. This photo was taken we we last attempted family group shoots only Nat was at work that day so we did obviously didn't even attempt one of the five of us!

Terrible pic (I know but it was late) and this is what I made for the kids to give to the careers at childcare. It is a little confusing sometimes as to who is in what room and especially since they has been some changes of late I thought I make something that everyone could have some of.

Cd cases from the photo shoot yesterday. Very quick ones I did this afternoon to give tomorrow with the Christmas presents!

So obviously I have been busy crafting, wrapping presents, shopping, working etc. and I feel like I have had no rest! LOL... Crazy silly season. I finished work on Friday and on Saturday morning what was I doing, cleaning my house like a crazy women.... Why? Because I was nesting I think! No other explanation for something like that when I was dead tired and it was the first day of my holidays.

We had Nat's parents and sisters come over for a bbq for dinner last night. Was good except I had to dash off at 8pm to take my dad to the airport. He has gone to Mayalsia for the holiday period to celebrate with his partner.

On Thursday night we had a dinner for DT and staff of Paper Doll. Went to the Spice Club in Frankston, yummy Indian food... Some of it was a little hot for me though as I am a total weekling! LOL, I drank so much water.

That is about the basis of my catch up for the moment, I am to tired to think back any further. LOL, looking forward to watching the carols on tv tonight since I have been singing them in my head all afternoon! LOL!

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!



Willisa Hogarth said...

All of it looks awesome!! Well Done!!

Hope you all had a wonderful (and relaxing!) christmas day!!


mich said...

LOL at I LOfe You ... the LO is too cute.