Friday, December 15, 2006

Catch up

This week has been a blur! I feel like I am living at work again... and Christmas is so close and I have so much to do still...

I managed to get to Ikea on Monday and got my birthday present from my mum (pics coming I promise, once I have managed to store everything in it nicely etc.), I worked on Tuesday and Na put the swing set up for the kids, Wednesday I worked before going to the physio and then on Thursday Nat had his vascetomy (sp.) and is recovering suprising well and in very little pain, I then worked again today raced home to drive Nat to Frankston (since he isn't allowed to drive yet) to pick up his gun (damm hobbies.... guns and rockets!) and then home again in time for him to meet his dad and go to the movies (Casino Royal). I have managed to clean the kitchen and table and cook potato salad and do desert for dinner and put the roast on. Have to pick up the kids soon before everyone (my family) arrive here for dinner. Early Christmas dinner with Dad as he will be away on Christmas day.

Gotta rush, other things to say but no time to write!

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