Sunday, December 10, 2006


I am so exhausted... My brother is finally back from his honeymoon and will be back at work on Monday (where I will also be). I need to book a time for a test drive of a new car on Monday too as mum is coming over and will watch the kids so Nat and I can go cruising in a new car (LOL).

I am currently cooking a cake for my FIL's birthday, we are heading over there this afternoon for afternoon tea.

I taught a class at Paper Doll yesterday followed by a mum's group bbq. No wonder I am exhausted. Everyone except Josh and I are asleep right now, I need to sleep but can't sleep if there is a child awake (totally a maternal thing NOT a paternal thing!).

Was going to my grandmother's house today near Yarram for family Christmas with my aunts, uncles and cousins but it has been postponned to the new year with all fires going on. I have family living in Sale and Heyfield and the fires are getting close. My brother and SIL have recently brought a house in Heyfield and are not too concerned about the fires. (They are there now and said the fires are 14km away.) They have been busily preparing their house/block as best as they can and hope for the best.

Trying to see if I can order my bookshop from Ikea online or over the phone since I am having it delivered anyway. Still need to go in there but need to find the time and someone to watch the kids...

Trying to go and do something productive that requires little energy. Hmmmm...

P.S. The masters for SM have been annouced and I don't have my damm copy of the mag yet! *cranky*
Congrats to Carole Janson, Catherine Duffy, Kylie Tout, Debbie Kingston, Lauren Dennis, Jody Essenhigh, Libby Morris, Marion Werren, Jo Carey, Natalie Taylor, Rachel Scholz, Jennifer Hall, Sandra Gerdes, Sheree McGee and NiKKi Rudd.

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Fiona said...

I can just imagine how tired you would have been if you had been to the Chrissy do today as well. Stop - Breathe. OK now you can keep going *grin*

Hey I did write on the card!!!! It arrived today while I was on the phone.