Sunday, December 03, 2006

And the baby is....

I signed up for a Christmas card swap on Julie Love’s blog and have been struggling so hard with making a card. Seems pretty funny as cards seem to come to me better than scrapbook pages usually. I think the reason I have been struggling with it so much is it is going to be swapped with another scrapbooker. I tend to be worried (and I think many of us may have this same feeling) that my work won’t be good enough and the person receiving it maybe disappointed (compared with the effort they may have put in.) I guess I partly feel this way as when I participated in some swaps on ASC I was disappointed with what I got back compared to what I had put in.

Moving on, just totally glad my card is done now (except for the insert inside) and I think my scrappers block may just go away. Well, I am hoping at least.

We fished Nikki and Drew out to family last night as next door was having a 40th with a big loud pumping jukebox. As the party was on the bedroom side of my house and Nikki and Drew are the lightest sleepers it was best to get rid of them for the night. Nikki is home again (I picked her up from my sisters this morning) where she had a great time and slept for over 12 hours (damm her!) Drew is with his A.K (Aunty Kris) right now at a friend’s birthday party. Kris was going to drop him off earlier but the plans changed.

Both the older kids had sleeps this afternoon and slept for 2 hours (hence why I got my Christmas card done) although I am no expecting them to go to bed early this evening. I am hoping that Kris will stay for dinner and provide some adult company for me while Nat is at work.

Off to finish dinner whiles the kids are enjoying a spot of Finding Nemo. You will never guess where I found it (Nemo) in my house... In a spare nappy bag with heaps of Drew's spoons. (Was wondering where the spoons went too!) I don't look for lost things as I never find them, and eventually they turn up in the most unexpected places (where I would have never looked) LOL.

P.S. We are expecting a baby girl but when the sonographer told us said said “90% chance it is a girl!”
To which Nat replied with “yeah and 10% Tom boy!”


Fiona said...

I do love Nat's comment

Will said...

I'm sure the card is fab Ros, just like all your cards!

And yey for a girl!! (and I love Nats comment too!)

Katie Toland said...

congrats Ros on a 100% healthy bub!