Saturday, March 31, 2007

More preggie update...

Went back to the hospital on Friday for my 36 week appointment. Blood pressure was up from Tuesday night... Not a good sign. Had to do a blood test re glucose in my urine. Still waiting to hear re the results.

Finishing up at work next week instead of the following week. Would finish now but there is a couple of things I need to teach Tracey re the new month. Wednesday will be the last day as there is no way I am working Thursday as it is the day before a public holiday and things go spastic at work! That and it is my sisters 21st party that night and my car needs to go to Berwick for a service.

Nat is currently playing pool with my SIL. She is way tipsy (on the way to being drunk) and hasn't drunk anything other than coffee since getting here almost 2 hours ago... Pretty funny watching the two of them playing pool as Nat isn't totally sober either!

Enough from me, quite tired as the kids woke me up at 5.30am this morning! Yuck! Did manage a decent night sleep but it wasn't enough. That, and little Miss is causing cramps right now. Not comfortable at all!


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