Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Preggo update

Yesterday I cleaned up my linen press. Nat my MIL said I was nesting… I was so not! It has been giving me the irrits for ages and I wanted to put a fair portion of linen away so what better time to clean it up. Although, a better time would have been to do it without the children around “helping” me.

Had to go to the hospital last night as I was having an unusual pain. It was a burning sensation just below my belly button. They have no idea what it was and I haven’t had it come back today. The midwives put me on the trace machine to check out the baby and little miss bubs, just wouldn’t settle down. Eventually she did, but I was on the machine for 1.5 hours! If she didn’t settle down, they would have had to keep me in overnight and depending on what the results showed it could mean early induced labour.

Today, I worked (no surprise there) I tried to come home early but I have one problem after another. I came home ate lunch and went to bed (so at least I did something good). I will be taking it easier from now on, working less hours per day and where possible having a day off 2 a week (again.)

Off to try and scrap a little before I fall asleep!

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Katie Toland said...

Look after yourself darl. I have NO idea how you are still managing to do it all. Well done. You should be proud of yourself.

I'm getting very excited now, not too much longer :) Good luck with it all, hope everything goes well.