Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekly update

Right now, I am feeling like crap! I have a cold and feel run down and am exhausted. Working all day except for a brief half an hour to take Josh to kinder isn’t kind to a pregnant women’s body at 35 weeks!

Nat is back at work tonight after a week off, I was kind of liking him being home. It meant I had some help most of the time… I have my sister coming over after work to help me bath the kids and put them to bed and then my MIL is staying the night but won’t be here until 11pm. Thank goodness Nat is going to drop off a key to her as there is no way known I could stay awake!

I worked from 9am – 4.45pm… Ahhh exhausting, starting training the new girl today. Had my MIL stay the night to help with the kids. Was so glad she was here as there was no way I could have done it all on my own… The kids, cooking dinner, cleaning up, bathing etc…. It exhausts me just thinking about it.

I worked from 9.30am – 4.30pm… Sensing a pattern here… LOL! Josh and Nikki went to childcare for an extra day so I could work, and Drew went to Ikea with my MIL and SIL. He had a great day and loved being the centre of attention all day long! Nat slept (after work) at his mum’s as he was starting work on her retaining wall. His timber delivery (which my dad did) wasn’t until after 5pm as we had “issues” at work… It was the day for hardley any staff to turn up. My yard bloke is still away surfing in South America, his replacement had a medical appointment until approx. lunchtime (read 2.15pm he got to work) and my truck driver is off work on career’s leave. So it was me (and my crutches), my replacement and dad at work (when dad wasn’t in the truck…)

I taught some stuff at home this morning and rushed to work this afternoon… Busy busy day with Nat at his mum’s place again. Got home from with enough time to cook pizza for the kids and make one for Nat to go and get the kids. Meet Nat at childcare in the damm rain (it could have held of for 10 minutes, crutches, rain and Ros, not a good combo)… Came home, cooked more pizza for Nat and I, put the kids the bed and chilled watching some tv.

Had a chiropractor appointment, new person. A different way of treating but hopefully less pain overall. Just chilling inside on this day with it freezing, wet and raining on and off. Made sausage rolls for lunch with some tomato soup…. Nice winter food! Yum yum!

Took the older 2 to my sisters house and stopped in at Arty Pants. Was exhausted by the time I got home. Could have something to do with my children waking up at 4.45am (adjusted time) this morning! Thankfully Drew was at his Grandma’s so it was one less to deal with. I am currently feeling like crap and as if I could spend the afternoon in bed. But, with dinner to cook for Nat to take to work and children to entertain, I can’t see that happening!


P.S. Nat asked Nikki to say goodnight to him this morning when he was in bed, she was in the lounge room in my recliner and wouldn’t move her eyes away from the tv to say good night or even wave. Eventually, she gave him a pathetic tiny little wave with the minimalist movement of her hand, all without even looking. It totally cracked the two of us up as we though we wouldn’t be getting “that” attitude until she was a teen!

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