Sunday, April 29, 2007

Forgetting things!

I will warn you all now, I have written about the birth below (at the end of the post) so if it is TMI, don't read past this is for my records.....

I forgot to write some things in my last post that were way too important to forget! Nat caught Izzy when she was born... He was on such a high afterwards and when we rang people the following morning, he had to tell them all!

Got our new computer Tuesday night. Exactly what Nat wanted, a total games pc! Such a boy. I have downloaded new photos onto it, but haven't installed half of my programs onto it!

Izzy's cord clamp fell off on Wednesday. She was weighed by the health nurse on Friday and is now over her birth weight. 3.38kg (birth weight was 3.18kg). Izzy is having one 4 hour break between feeds at night now except it can be from 7pm - 11pm unfortunately!

Sarah and Harry came over for a play and to see Izzy on Thursday. Sarah took some awesome photos of Little Miss, me and Nikki etc. (See below!) Waiting to see the rest soon as I have had only a sneak peak of 4 of them but I love them all! Can't wait to see the rest Sarah! Hint hint! LOL!

Been having a few depression issues still. Nat is returning to work earlier than expected, due to another staff member going overseas to see his sick mother. He also has to go to court as a witness for a workmate. He is also going to my brothers place next weekend to help him build his pergola. He is taking Nikki and his mum is having Drew. I am still trying to convince him to take Josh as well!

Had early Mother's Day lunch at my mum's yesterday as mum leaves for her round the world trip (Canada, Japan, Switzerland & Egypt) next Saturday.

Made a pregnancy survival kit for my SIL and brother who are expecting their first child just before Christmas! Forgot to take photos though!

I woke up with a migraine this morning after going to bed at 9pm. Not good feeding a newborn with a migraine and having Josh and Nikki whining in my ear. (Nat went to bed at 1.15am so he wasn't very coherent either!)

Need to make a thank you card for my grandmother and send her some photos of Izzy. She sent us a lovely cheque!

Not time for scrapping but so want to. Struggled to fit in the time to make the pregnancy survival kit. Most net time I had been having has been when I am feeding Izzy which makes it very hard to type at the same time.

This is for my records before I forget anymore!!!

Contractions started at 1.30am Tuesday morning and I wasn't sure if they were braxton hicks or not. After 4 contractions 11 minutes apart, I was finally convinced Izzy was going to make her appearance soon. I got up, (Nat went to bed!) had a shower and got my things ready for the hospital that weren't packed and started a pile of things on the kitchen table that HAD to come to the hospital.

I did a load of washing and pottering around in between contractions before heading off to bed for some more sleep. At 6.45am my contractions where 7 minutes apart so I thought I had better make a few calls to my mum (other support person in labour) and to my MIL to watch the children. Little did I know that my contractions where going to go skewif and make no sense at all. All day long Mum was ringing going "Whats happening?"
I was so disappointed to tell her, "Nothing, really!" Each and every time!

A visit to my chiropractor at 3.15pm for a tune up helped and I was told Izzy was ready and waiting to come out, she just needed to press the "go" button! I was also advised to not lay on my back in labour until the last possible moment as once I got on my back, I wouldn't be able to move.

At 6.30pm Nat and I headed off to the hospital as I hadn't really felt Izzy move much all day. The midwives put me onto the "trace" machine and of course Izzy was making a liar out of me! I couldn't feel a lot of the movements (which I put down to being on crutches and strenghting my stomach muscles). Mum had turned up at the hospital by this point and the midwife wanted to send me home! She told me that "I wasn't in labour, yet!"
I told her "Yes, I was in labour, just not established enough for her liking!"

I walked the corridors of the maternity department for about an hour resting as I went and the contractions got stronger and stronger as time went on. They became full on contractions less than 30 minutes after the midwife wanted to send me home. (As it was nearly a 30 minute drive home, I wasn't in a rush to go home.) Every time I had a strong contraction, the midwife was no where around! It figured! As I started watching NCIS (to try and take my mind off the pain), the midwife finally found me and decided that I was in labour! At this point, I was shown into a labour room!

An internal was done and I was only 3-4cm dilated (so disappointed!) and a drip (for Group B Strep.) was given at 10.02pm. The midwife wanted me to have the drip as soon as possible as it was my fourth labour she was concerned that things could move quite quickly. An hour later I was allowed to have the drip disconnected (with the bung still in my arm) and move about a little more. By this point, I was well and truly using gas for the pain with each contraction. I also used the shower (the water was so not hot enough) and a gym ball. I gave the gym ball away quite early as I was slipping on the floor and I really didn't need to have a fall!

At 11.51pm my contractions became 1 minute apart and things were moving quite quickly. At some point I moved onto the bed (not sure if this was before 11.51 or not) and was leaning against a bean bag for support (at least it didn't move like the gym ball did!) My waters broke just before Izzy was born and I stayed in the same position too scared to move or lay on my back. Nat caught Izzy as she was born and cut her umbilicle cord. He did try to move Izzy away before he cut the cord and forgot she was still attached to the placenta! The placenta took its time to be delivered as I still wouldn't lay on my back and relax until I had finished my job! 10 minutes later I was relieved to be off my knees finally and to be able to turn around and see my daughter.

Izzy made a nice mess and did a huge pooh as she was born (sorry if TMI) and was covered in heaps and heaps of vernex. The best bit about her timing of being before was being able to stay in the hospital an extra night but the worst part was also not being able to call people and let them know straight away!

If you have made it this far, you have been sitting and reading my blog for far too long today!
Cheers till next time,


Fiona said...

Hey Ros - uber-long post!

Big hugs from over here,


*she really is a cutie*

Charmane said...

OH AMAZING!!! Congratulations Ros and can't wait to see the photo you send me!!! wahoo!!! Take Care and totally understand the breastfeeding with whingy kids (one anyway!) Look after yourself!!! Love Charmane

Willisa said...

Oh she is beautiful!!!!! Congrats Ros, and well done for such an amazing birth story!!