Saturday, May 05, 2007


Last night was my first night home without Nat since Izzy was born. I felt a little strange (since I have gotten used to him being home every night for the last 2 weeks) that I had to put the alarm on! I used to use it every night when he was at work but we thought it was waking Josh up when Nat would come home in the mornings, so I stopped using it. That and Josh is tall enough to open the front wooden door by himself. I deadlocked it so he couldn't set the alarm off!

As it was only Josh, Izzy and me last night I let Josh have some free time after dinner and no bath. He loves to watch Better Homes and Gardens and was disappointed when it was finished and the footy was on! He went and settled in bed nicely when asked to and asked for the light to be left on so he could read his new James book and feel asleep with no problems! Noice! He did get up around 10.30 but hopped back into bed with no problems and slept through until 6.30. I got up and put the tv on and fell back asleep until 7.30. Nothing like a little sleep in.... I needed it as I was up until 11 last night with late feeds for Little Miss!

Izzy has been unsettled for a lot of yesterday. She was having a lot of wake time which was good as it was during the day but not when I was teaching a layout class at home!

She has also been vomiting up a lot of undigested milk. I might have to feed her laying down in bed... There goes a lot of my net time! I surf blogs while feeding her usually. It is one way to get some ME time!

Izzy gained another 180grams this week. Back to see the health nurse next Friday!

I had the cleaner the hospital arranged come over yesterday. She didn't do a very good job, wasn't here the full amount of time, nearly broke my vacumm cleaner and wasn't very nice! I was grateful I was getting some help, but for the help to start after I have been home for 2 weeks already seems to be a little late (if you ask me.) Also, she wanted to come back again on Tuesday (in 4 days time). I know I have kids that make a mess etc. but I want to stretch it out a little. She is coming back next Friday now.

Best go, Izzy is crying and I am guessing is wanting another feed after the huge poo she did while having nappy free... Isn't life great! All shits and giggles at times. LOL!


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