Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good news & so angry!

I am no longer driving my car as it is way to uncomfortable (has been for weeks but I haven’t wanted to give in). So today Nat HAD TO drive me to a scrapbook store with all the kids. I wanted a circle punch and I needed it for my card classes etc. so we HAD to go! While we were at the scrapbook shop getting ready to leave (we were in the car and all) some STUPID lady put a little dent in my car door! So angry and I had a go at them (as it is a new car and all) and the guy goes “Well there is dents all over this car!”
I was like, “So, this is a new car!!!!”
So angry….

Moving on… my SIL Fiona called me today and offered to come home and help me out with the kids! I was like no no no, at first thought about it and called her back… I am so glad she is coming home, the kids will love it, I will love it and whats more, who wouldn’t love live in help at home when you will be 39 nearly 40 weeks pregnant! If I happen to go into labour before she come home, bonus she can see little Miss too!

I tell you, it has definitely helped cheer me up. Off to try and scrap even!Ros


Fiona said...

Even bigger bonus for me - I get to see everyone - yay!

Looking forward to Friday - see you then,


Mel Diener said...

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I made the mistake of reading your previous post first, and it really hit home. But I'm so glad to read that your SIL is coming to help you. Especially feeling like you are starting to suffer depression.

I truly hope it's all just hormonal and that you will be fine after bubs is born.

Good luck with everything, and don't be afraid to ask for help ANYTIME you need to do so. Asking for help, doesn't make you weak...not at all.