Friday, April 06, 2007

Things have been getting worse for me pregnancy wise since I stopped work (and that was only TWO days ago!) I have been swelling up with fluid (gained 1.5kgs) and have swollen feet (more so than normal) and calves.

We had my sisters 21st party last night and I was going to wear my knee high boots, well I could on one leg but it wouldn’t do up on the other leg because of the swelling!

I had a hospital visit yesterday morning as they though I could have had a clot in my calf (all is good) and the doctor comes into the room and goes to me “so you want to be induced?”
I had never said that and told her that and that I have an appointment with my GP on Wednesday to do an internal and if favorable, a stretch and sweep. Casey won’t induce you and I don’t want to go to Dandenong for the birth. I prefer quietness and newness etc. at Casey.

Finally took my car in for it’s service yesterday. Nat had to drive it as I wasn’t allowed to drive because of my calf. Had to get his mum down here to look after the kids and my sister took us to the hospital afterwards. Dramas, dramas, dramas!

I didn’t take any photos on my camera last night at the party, I didn’t even take it to be honest. I took a few photos on mum’s camera during speeches (only because I was sitting down). My sister enjoyed herself (which is the main thing) but I was bored, grumpy, tired and sober and most other people were drinking copious amounts of alcohol!
I have done a little scrapping so I had some things to share. Not a lot, some was done a little while ago too.

Present I made for my SIL's birthday. Filled with all cards I no longer wanted that I have made. She loved it!

3 layouts of Miss Nikki, love this one where she is so innocent! Not always now!

Lots of circles!

Little Miss Lipstick, totally not innocent at all!
Enough rambling, struggling to stay away here. Didn’t get home till 2am this morning and the kids woke up at 4.30am and 6.20am! Ahhhh need a serious nanna nap today but off to mum’s house for lunch with my grandmother first!



Fiona said...

love the lipstick *grin*


connie said...

loving those layouts Ros... take care of you keep those feet up... i know its hard... but look after yourself...