Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yesterday Sarah and her kids came over and had a playdate. All the kids played so well together, it was fantastic! And the adult company was great too!

I went to the doctors this morning and had an internal (sorry for too much info!) but the babies head is in a good position, my cervix is close to being "ready" and Little Misses head is engaged very nicely 2/5. Here is hoping that my next post will be saying that my little one is born. I seriously hope so, I am so over being pregnant! LOL!

Today is my first day off with the kids at childcare. Aside from a doctors visit, where did I spend the morning, at work... I had to go and sort of something that should have been sorted out on Thursday via the phone but I never got the call.... 3 hours later, all problems fixed and time to come home. At least the BAS can be done now and any other problems I don't want to know about!!!

Off to create (if I can) or snooze. Not sleeping well at the moment. I would post pics from easter but I am having pc issues and I can't take many photos at the moment so it is up to Natty and his camera skills. Not always to a scrappers liking!



Kathy said...

Hi Ros
I wonder if you can contact me please.

Fiona said...

Hmm - little miss is on her way.

How about this for a guess:
Saturday the 14th @ 3.20pm - weighing 6lb 11oz


ps - is that better tjhan the 20th? *grin*