Friday, May 25, 2007

Longish post....

Long time no post! I have been very busy with oddles and oddles of appointments and just normal stuff in general. Struggling with daily chores etc. too so that makes life interesting at the moment.
Didn't have a great Mother's Day, had to make my own breakfast and lunch! And for someone that wasn't doing anything other than feeding Izzy, I did stuff. Nat acts as if I don't do washing every day and dishes etc. Did get some photos of me and the kids though. Here is one of the better ones.

Izzy smiled for the first time on Saturday (not for the camera though).

Tablets are starting to work. Thanks for all the comments, e-mails, PM's and phone calls. Things are starting to look up. Must exercise to increase my good feeling (can't think of the name) drug in my brain and eat chocolate (just doesn't help with the weight loss).

Josh and Nikki have been up to mischief yesterday... They flooded part of my house!

Usually when they wake up they are at my bedroom door straight away. Not yesterday morning. Josh put the plug in the bathroom basin and Nikki turned on the tap. When I found them (Josh came to my door and said "Come and look at what Nikki is doing!") Nikki was naked (her wet pj's were on the table with Josh's and Josh was in clean, dry pj's until he fell over) and there was water all over my bathroom, all over our meals area and all down the hall to the kids room.

Nat and I rang a carpet guy who said don't pull the carpet up it shrinks when wet (DH had already started and had to break 3 tiles in the bathroom to get it up). The carpet guy came out and sucked up some excess water from the carpet and we now have 2 blowers and 2 fans drying the carpet. He also told us that the water travelled into the kids room and our rumpus room (lucky we called him.)

So, on top of 2 hours of cleaning up all the water, a $600 bill (so far) for the fans etc. (will be picked up by our insurance company less the excess) and 4 loads of washing I am not only going to have a huge water bill but a huge electricity bill as well!

Grrr, somedays, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed!

Today I had my haircut, unsure if I like it or not (is normal for me with a haircut!)
Not that you can see much of my haircut LOL but it is the photo I like best. I had loads of layers cut into my hair and a bit off the length.

Finally having my photoshoot with Katie tomorrow. Here's hoping the kids don't have snotty noses as much as today and their coughs are better. They are all not 100% but the girls are the worst.

I will end this with an absolute pearler of a photo of Nikki. Prior to this photo, she tried to wee on the grass like Josh and didn't squat far enough (I changed her clothes) and then she sat down like this. No idea what she was doing as she wasn't weeing or touching herself....


Edited to add a layout I did Wednesday and yesterday for a challenge at Bons Scraps... I so love this pic of Nikki and Josh and the quote!


Fiona said...

Hahahahaaha "I lofe" the photo of Nikki!!

The photo of you is great - the hair I can see looks good - how much did you get cut off?

Josh looks like he was enjoying your mothers day photo shoot - it's a good photo with you all. Can't wait to see your familiy photos you are getting done.....

Hope you are having some fun,


Mel Diener said...

Glad to hear you have gone onto medication. It really can make an enormous difference.

Can't wait to see your family photo shoot.

bon said...

I REALLY love that LO, it's just Gorgeous. Great photos, and glad to hear things are looking a little brighter for you. :)

Melanie said...

What a beautiful family photo of you and the kidlets Ros.

I also love that photo of Nikki.

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you know me but I am Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx.

Just wanted to visit to see how your doing after your new babies arrival.

Not good news about the water and carpet damage. OMG what a mess for you. I bet the kids are in BIG

I love this layout here. It looks fabulous. What an adorable photo of the kids and scrapped just perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great week and keep smiling.
Love from Susan xxoo

Sam said...

Your daughter has gorgeous curls! I love that LO too :-)