Friday, May 11, 2007

A tag and the kids "quotes"

The quotes from the kids for May (so far!)
"Is that cool mum?" after Josh asks a question
I was in a scrapbook store with Josh and he saw a lady and said "Hello, old lady!" (The lady was approx. 30!)
Nat asked Nikki if she knew where her shin was... I showed her that her shin was on her leg and she said "no kit-shin (kitchen)."

and the tinkle in your panties quote...
Nikki turned around to see Drew climbing up on the chair (with no nappy on) and said "Drewie, you got sexy bottom!"

Off to the health nurse with Izzy today (after the physio) to see how she has grown etc. She hasn't been measured length wise since she was born so I'd love to know how long she is.

Will tagged me so here are 7 Random Facts About Me...
1) I did competitive trampolining for 4 years. My dream was to make the Victorian team but I got very nervous in competitions.
2) I was born 3 months premature and was scared when pregnant with Josh that I would go into labour really early.
3) I don't drink coffee or tea and rarely have anything with caffeine in it (except chocolate!)
4) I have a huge sweet tooth and love to have dessert.
5) I got my learners permit the day I turned 16
6) I had glandular fever in year 12 and didn't go to school for most of term 2
7) I am very self concious on a dance floor an extremely uncomfortable and usually won't bother to attempt to dance

I still need more sleep, (what mother of a newborn doesn't) but all the older kids slept through last night and Josh and Nikki were even still in their beds this morning chatting when Nat went down there to get them ready for childcare... That never happens, maybe we have a good change happening here. I also taped up the light switches in the kids bedrooms, Josh has a habit of turning on the lights during the night when he wakes up.


P.S. I started my medication yesterday and was told it could take up to 2 weeks to kick in so hopefully the road to recovery will be looking a little better soon.


Fiona said...

i Ros,

Hope you have a great mostly kid-free day *grin*.

I do love Nikki's comment - vfunny!~


Mel Diener said...

Competitive trampolining...thats certainly a different sporting choice. Bet it was fun. I love the trampoline, even in my old age of 35 (lol), I still get outside and have a jump with the kids.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Ros, have been thinking about you and hoping that you're feeling better.

Charmane said...

Hi Ros - just LOVE the kids quotes - what a crack up - specially the sexy bottom one!!!!

Hope you get some EXTRA sleep somewhere in there!!!